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A Ford Anglia !

A Ford Anglia ! I remember my brother Jake having one of these  when he was just a bit of a kid.  
On this day in 1963 The first Ford Anglia was produced at Halewood, LIverpool. Where are they all now? The remaining few might be worth a bob or two. There's one thing for sure though, Jakes model certainly didn't survive.

What was the first car that you or family owned?

A Ford Anglia 105E. The very model you are talking about but that was the new one, replacing the 100E Anglia and Prefect. There were two previous models before the 100E and also a Super Anglia.(Super )

My first car was a 1967/68 Ford Anglia 1200E estate: LFL767F. When I bought it for the princely sum of £120 it had; Jacked up back end, wide wheels, Mettalic dark blue paint, and none of the door locks worked.

Why worry about the locks "G". The 1/4 lights were a piece of pi££ anyway   .
Dad's was grey with dark red upholstery.
ETW 310B.
Straight off the line from Dagenham and followed every step of the way by my cousin. It had do be in his name for a year for a staff discount.

my dad had a anglia van  when i was a child ,we used it to collect the swill for the pigs, it towed a small wooden livestock traylor we used to take the pigs to market  in. this is a bit odd i remember the reg  AND190B

The 105E van was my first purchase.
It actually had fold down rear seats to use as a van or four seater but usually more like twelve.

I owned a Anglia estate in the early 1970's, iirc it had a 1200cc engine & about 6 previous owners.

It was in a hell of estate!  (Groan!)

Gareth wrote:
My first car was a 1967/68 Ford Anglia 1200E estate: LFL767F. When I bought it for the princely sum of £120 it had; Jacked up back end, wide wheels, Mettalic dark blue paint, and none of the door locks worked.

Not much has changed there then Gareth.

Nice one MackemJeff

    I had forgotten about the front 1/4 lights ..... ..... on the few occosions when my Anglia actually made it up to the heady speed of 50 mph, the damn things flew open.

My Brother-in-law was giving Me a lift in His Anglia and as He was steering around a Roundabout the Steering box went and we went straight across the junction with the steering wheel winding out towards Him. A bit Hairy! Luckily no harm done.

Took lessons and passed my test in an Anglia, summer of 1964 in Skegness! The driving instructor was Jock, a moonlighting lorry driver, whose idea was to use all the streets were ever he saw a mini skirt!
I'm not the world's best driver, but I can spot minis!

My Daddy had 3 Ford Anglias -  from memory a saloon, a van and an estate car. I can remember being in the back of the saloon when I was about 3 waiting for the little stickyout indicator to pop out. It also had red leatherette interiors that got boiling hot in the sunshine. I also threw my favourite toy out of the window of the saloon on the way back from a day trip to Dungeness. I didnt say anything for about 10 miles then burst into uncontrolable tears. He wouldnt turn round and go back for it. Valuable life lesson learned that day!. Love Lizzie

My first car was an Austin 1100 in British Racing Green.  Paid Mum the princely sum of £30 for it when she upgraded to a "modern" car.  The car at the time was three years older than me but it drove like a dream.  Only problem being to go from second to first gears you had to be completely stationary and the button to dip the headlights was on the floor just to the left of the clutch pedal.  I loved that car  

We had an Austin 1100 when we first got married, it had four engines in it in as many months.

first car was a 74 mk3 cortina 2.0 GXL, got it in 83 when i passed test, had it a couple of years when it was stolen, was written off even though looking back the damage was slight, they paid out £200 which we used to get a twin tub, did prefer the car though....

Dad's second car was a Mk.II Cortina. Saluki Bronze, RRK596E.
My second car was a straight from the showroom (Out of my time now) VW Beetle. 1303S, with Porsche tweaking, Dark Blue KHM364K.
Loved the look on the faces of Spitfire, MGB owners when I dropped them at the lights.
Had to carry a sack of sand in the boot to keep the front down and go round corners.

My first was a 100e anglia ESY 70 the wipers used to stop if you were pulling up a hill, then when you clutched to change gear the b----y things went that fast they used to shoot off !! 3 speed gearbox as well, and no syncro on 1st

mate of mine used to have an Anglia, dropped a 1500GT engine in it, Wow what a machine at the time.
The 100E was the first car i can remember my parents had wheb i was a young boy WTU722, why i can still remember the no i dont know

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