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A few of this years ...

A day at the royal welsh ..

Sunrise ...

sunset ...

Oi pretending to be under control....

My girls taking their Aunty duties very seriously ....

The latest addition to our mob, Second from eldest sons daughter ...

Dragon fly

Lucky to see an osprey and kite in battle at the osprey centre here, realy need to get a good zoom lense before long!  

My nephew looking for crabs

And he found one!

A kite ... without the string


Thanks for those Granny Dan

Fantastic photos !! Each time I scrolled down  I thought " oh I like that one the best" and then when I saw the next..... I do love the black and white ones and your grandaughter is beautiful
Grandma Bodger

grand photos Dan I love the children  

thanks sandrar and Grandma Bodge, kids make great pictures when they're just playing or too young to realise.  

Kaz she a couple of months old now and already got everyone wrapped round her little finger    

The 2 baby pics are particularly good,I think it's the clarity in the eyes that catch my attention.  

Thanks 12bore, I like the baby ones too, for some reason when ever I upload piks to any were they loose alot of the sharpness and clarity from the original . They are all kept on picassa3 and my camera's program so not to sure why they loose so much  

Thanks love them all children always are great as others have said. Great shot of the Kite we don't have any birds like that here

Great pics

Wonderful photo's!  

Can I nominate the cows bottoms for NEXT YEAR'S calendar?

Mo wrote:
Wonderful photo's!  

Can I nominate the cows bottoms for NEXT YEAR'S calendar?


Great pictures dans Would you like us to change your user name to Granny Danny?

Sod theres masses of kites around here, we used to have buzzard's aswell but they seem to have found somewere else to live as we hardly ever see them now.

Mo and sandrar, i'll give the x MIL a shout and see if she gives me permission to use the picture, she's quite modest about using photos of herself  

Bodge .......      

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