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A few more than I thought.

Of recent, I've noticed a few mice in the red barn. I've heard a few of them squeaking and seen the odd one scuttling about, so yesterday I placed around fifteen wax 'rat and poison' blocks down in numerous likely spots. The blocks are the ones with holes through them, so I wired a couple of them together and as I said in the title of this thread, there must have been a few more mice than I thought.
This afternoon when I checked the bait stations, I found that every block that I'd put down had been started on. The next couple of days should see the problem sorted but I'll keep the poison down for a week or two. I did set a trap the other night and caught a mouse, it turns out that my unwanted guests are house mice.

Q. What is the singular of mice?
A. There's a singular?
One for the Pot

3 of my own cats patrolling and 3 of the neighbours keep ours down, however we do get the odd one or two presents in the house dumped daily by the cats. I sometimes lamp the buggers with the cat in arms ready to pounce!


One for the Pot wrote:
I sometimes lamp the buggers with the cat in arms ready to pounce!  

Now that sounds like a good and entertaining fun time.

I've had a really good take on the rat and mouse poison that I've been putting down, infact, a suprising amount has been taken. Its meant that I've had to top the bait the last few mornings and so far, I've only picked up one dead mouse.
While I've been checking for mouse signs, I've also found signs of rats, which possibly explains why a 'few' mice have eaten so much. Accordingly, I've upped the amount of bait that I've been putting to accommodate the 'big mice'.
In Welsh, mice are called 'llygoden'  and rat, is spelt exactly the same way but with  a second word 'mawr' tacked onto the end of it. Mawr in Welsh means big, so I'm sure that you can works out that rats are 'big mice'  
I know that the rats haven't been here too long, because the dogs have only been after them for the last few days. The fact that I've heard the mice squeaking in the barn, might very well be because the rats have arrived. Either way, i'll guarentee that they wont be here for very long. Ughh!!!!

12Bore wrote:
Q. What is the singular of mice?
A. There's a singular?

Yes it always makes me smile when folk say "I think I have got a rat"  

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