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A drive 'over the hill'...

It's my DD 25th bday, she decided a day trip would be fun, so we crossed over the Cascade Mountain Range to Medford. It was rainy when we left, sunny when we got there and cloudy/raining on the way back. Here are a few screenshots of our day and travels.

A small waterfall coming from all the moisture the mountain pass has had lately.

The shoreline of Klamath lake is just ahead as we come down the mountain...

Wintertime farmland just before spring has sprung... (Sorry for how dark it is...)

Thanks Rena nice pics- I love seeing pics from unfamiliar territory
Yorkshire Geordie

 Very moody. Obviously a drab weather day.  


Thanks Rena - I love water and waterfalls.

kaz wrote:
Thanks Rena - I love water and waterfalls.

Me to!!

Thank you great photos and happy birthday to you Daughter hope it was a great day.

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