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A DIY pasteuriser?

Any apple juice or cider that we sell in glass bottles has to be pasteurized. Apple juice has to be taken up to over 70 degrees and cider to over 60.

At the moment we have two small Vigo pasteurisers that will fit 13 x75cl bottles each. When we're doing hundreds of bottles a day, the low capacity of these two pieces of equipment is proving to be a bit of a bottle neck in the production line. Each cycle involves getting the liquid in the bottle up to temperature and holding it there for the prescribed period of time and it takes a considerable amount of time for the process to be completed.

The pasteurisers that we have at the moment cost a couple of hundred pounds each, but the next size up that Vigo have come in at several thousand pounds and would also require us to have three phase electricity installed.
My hope is that some of you clever practical people might  be able to come up with an idea for a DIY pasteurizer that will get us over this particular stumbling block.
Help !

I use an old gas heated tub (it is also used when I pluck ducks turkeys and poultry, I have also made beer in it, and the OH has used it for plant dyeing)

I normally want my juice between 73-75 degrees, I use a digital kitchen thermometer moving it from bottle to bottle. I don't pay to much attention to the Water temp as long as the juice is between 73-75 degrees.
I can fit about 20-25 bottle in depending on size.


you could probably use one of the old Baby Burco electic boilers as well

Hawkeye wrote:
you could probably use one of the old Baby Burco electic boilers as well

Something like this?

That's a good price Joe. The cheapest that I've been able to find one is 89 with free PP.
Paul, how long do you hold your bottles at temperature for and how easy is it to control the heat? I don't imagine that there's a thermostat with the propane.

Ill see if any of my contacts down here can suggest anything.

John, have you considered looking to source from abroad?

A quick google around finds Voran 90 and 180 litres an hour continuous pasteurisers from Germany.

A couple of short videos of their juice pasteuriser in action

and their pasturisers home page.

As I said, the hike in price from what we have now to the next size up is the major concern, importing is not an option for us.

We've just bought one of these. At less than half the price of the Vigo model that we are currently using, its got to be worth trying and even if it doesn't work, it will always come in handy for the odd cup of tea.

Hopefully, we've just upped our capacity by 50%

You could control the temp with a digital thermostat. They're quite cheap on ebay.

You'd need to use a relay to do the switching though given that your boiler's 3KW


Blinking heck.............. you are going to need new bearings in the electric meter.

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