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A distinct lack of butterflies this year.

I've seen very few butterflies this year. We usually do quite well for them in our own garden but they've ben few and far between. I haven't seen an Orange Tip all season and the Speckled Woods that we've had for the lat few years have been absent too. Here's an explanation as to why.

Certainly won't be loosing any sleep over the slugs
Although, I'm forever finding frogs around the garden and the occasional newt. Great lack of butterflies and moths and not the usual amount of bees.
There seems to be a few more bees about in the last week or so as the garden starts to play catch up and the flowers start to bloom.

I actually saw my first Speckled Wood of the season in our garden this morning.

Slugs !!! delighted to say that so far they have'nt been a problem this season so far ,  Cabbage butterfly ? yesterday morning , i picked 37!!!! from one spring cabbage , the only one on the plot that had any i could see!!.

We have loads of butterflies here. Plenty on the wing today. Love Lizzie

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