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A days chub fishing

I had a days fishing on thr river Trent, below Newark yesterday. After some 5 weeks of none fishing it was good to be out on a lovely day.

I only managed to catch one fish, a  4lb 4oz Chub. A  well conditioned fish, that put up a spirited fight.

There were only two of us fishing, and although I did'nt know the other chap, I did land a 9lb 14oz Barbel for him. He was over the moon.

Barbel are great scrappers.
Had a great morning session on the Royalty Fishery, Hampshire Avon.
They're on of Bodgers must catch before I die species.

Yup. I've still to catch one but as far as I know, I live many miles away from any river with them in. I'll sort out an outing to put one on my list of species caught one day.
It sounds like a good day, I hope you had a good flask with you.

Flask for a days fishing? I'd have a half bottle and a keep net full of ale.
My keep net's not for fishies.

New fred bout nets, innit

If you can drink freezing cold ale on a winters day, you're a better man than me Gunga Din.  

The River Dee at Farnden near Wrexham, (free stretch) has good Barbel fishing. But they do ask you to put Salmon and Trout back  There is another free stretch at the back of the Duke of Westministers at Ecclestone Ferry near Chester. The Barbel are a little smaller but well worth the effort.
We have had Chub caught  on the Shannon, and reports of Barbell to. So the game fishermen want the whole of the Shannon electro netted to remove the Ilegaly stocked fish.( incase they eat the game fish eggs) However, not many Pike and Perch would survive the ordeal.

Thanks for that Diz but we are still two hours plus from both Chester and Wrexham.

No excuse mate. I was over a three hour drive to the Avon.
Was there for four days though.

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