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green man

A day you could have done without.....

Reading the thread about houses and their idiosyncrasies reminded me of the day I could have done without- one that will stay with me forever!

The same house, a typical large Victorian terrace was the cause of my broken foot, leaping over my toddler son after he gave out a convincing scream (playing with his toy on the stairs)I was making the beds- alarmed I turned the corner at speed and  babe would have been my next footfall so I just jumped over the top of him and landed halfway down the hall.

I mention this because the next morning hubby was on the roof pointing the chimney, I was hobbling around the kitchen in my dressing gown when I hear "nothing"?
Any parent will tell you this is a warning not to be ignored and almost as loud as a scream! :omg:

I rush out to the garden can't see the baby anywhere, then I look up at the house behind me and nearly pass out, as I watch my baby leave the top of the ladder and walk along the plastic gutter in his red wellies to get to the other ladder to get to the chimney and his poor dad who by now is almost passed out him self holding still afraid to move or cry for help incase the ladder sprang the gutter and sent babe to his fate, instead he cooed and called sweetly (if insincerely) to encourage him up the ladder and into his arms, I am weeping now as I am reliving the moment I can still see my hubbies look of utter relief as he held the boy close.

I phoned my brother who had not left for work and he arrived a few minutes later a Scaffolder by trade he was confident and carried the boy down by his home made dungarees , hubby and me in the kitchen a few minutes later drinking brandy for breakfast- the colour slowly returning to our faces  .   The ladder removed from the scaffold tower!
So come on........

What day could you have done without?
Richard Bailey

Bugger me!!!!!

Nuff said!


Oohhh.. the day I left hospital with baby daughter. Except they wouldn't let us leave...

We had just moved back from France and literally hadn't anywhere to live. I had come back when I was 7 months pregnant to find somewhere, and daughter came along a week later.  So she started off in an incubator and we were three weeks in Special Care.  The day she was discharged we had managed to find a house near Gatwick. But we hadn't registered with a doctor because we had only that day found this place to live and because daughter's estimated time of arrival was still four weeks away, it was important that we had one immediately and they wouldn't let her go if we didn't.

So my sister in law came and picked me up (they wouldn't let daughter out) and we went to Horley to register with a doctor.  We completed all the paperwork but our new address was the wrong side of the road for their catchment area. So... we went to Crawley, no that was no good either (having completed all the paperwork again). We finally ended up in Ifield, on the outskirts of Crawley and registered there.  All this took about 4 hours! And I'd had to leave daughter in hospital on her own whilst all this was going on.  It doesn't seem like such a big deal now, typing this out but at the time it was just horrendous.  I thought I'd never get her out!

Holy crap GM!

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