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A day or two late.

Nearly two days  after his brothers and sisters had hatched and almost a full day after they'd fluffed up and been put under the brooder, first thing this morning I was met with this little chap.
For some reason, possibly laziness, I left a single egg in the incubator, which obviously turned out to be a good thing. I can't tell you how close I was  to slinging it. I'll let him fluff up today and move him in with his siblings this evening.

Dave C

Wow that was lucky for him  

I always leave mine an extra day but never really get anything.

I have found that the late ones don't tend to flourish and we often loose them. Even just being a couple of days behind the others put some them at a distinct disadvantage and they tend to get picked on.
Yorkshire Geordie

It looks particularly knackered after the shell crackingl.  
Obviously a trier and may become the best of the clutch.
Then again, as has been said, may be picked on as being the runt.
Good luck to him/her.

Today is the 21st day for the last lot of chicks  that I'm hatching this season. I can't see anything as yet through the rather small viewing panel but I can definitely hear cheeping emanating from the incubator.    I'm not quite through for the year yet, I put twenty three Welsh Harlequin duck eggs into another incubator on Wednesday.
Dave C

Good luck mate  

I've woken up to another embarrassment of riches this morning. Eight of the nine eggs due to hatch have hatched overnight and the ninth egg is chipping.

I've never had a hatching season like it before. I've quite literally been getting a 100% hatch rate and as a result, I've way more chicks than I need. Its a shame that folks don't live closer to me, that's if they want some belting LS.
Dave C

Well done mate  

Let's hope you get a good ratio of Pullets.
Think the majority of mine are cockerels!

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