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A day of infamy.

On this day in 1971 in the British Government launched decimal currency across the country. The familiar pound (), shilling (s) and pence (d) notes and coins which had been in existence for more than 1000 years were to be phased out in the ensuing of 18 months. In its place was put one of the biggest rip off this country has ever known, a system with 100 pennies to the pound rather than 240. In a few short years the new penny as us oldies called it, was soon worth about as much as the old penny d.

Ah nice round simple numbers to remember!

my sister, who lived in spain for 15 years, said that exactly the same happened when spain transferred to the euro - prices litteraly doubled over night

Just like here but we had our pound gone and our 10s became the $1 now have lost 1,2 cent and 5cent coins starts at 10 cents Grrrrrrrrrrr  

Its a bit of a blow when you realise that folks who remember the old money being in circulation in the UK have to be forty something years old at least.

Bring back the groat!!!!
Richard Bailey

Can I put my tuppence ha'pence worth in?

When I came back from the Falklands war, on buying a beer at my local pub, I was stunned just to get coins for change from my fiver, they had replaced my familiar pound notes with ruddy shrapnel!

Any way, better go, I think I may have the thruppney bits! and I can't make heads nor tails of it!

"sing a song of sixpence, a pocket full of......"  

I agree,
Getting rid of the pound note and to a lesser extent the 10 shilling one was a great mistake. The amount of coinage that we have to carry around and its weight is silly.
Have you noticed how todays fiver looks similar to yesterdays one pound note? The crafty swines, its all part of the grand scheme of conditioning the population.
Richard Bailey

Yup and when on Ascension Island, (still on Falklands conflict duties) the fifty pence note was in use there!

And doesn't Aunty Betty still look sexy on there?

Tuppence for you thoughts?

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