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A cucumber glut?

I'm pleased to say that right now the cucumbers are coming thick and fast from the poly tunnel, which is presenting us with a pleasant problem to have. What on earth do you do with a surplus of them?  
I've Googled  this recipe for Cucumber Soup and as luck would have it, we just happen to have an avocado in that a friend recently brought me in a 'get well hamper'
Neither Karen or myself have ever tried one before, so this recipe would seem to be the perfect answer to the problem of what to do with our surfeit and what to do with an exotic green knobbly thing. ( the latter being the avocado of course)

Here's the link to the recipe. These computers are smashing things aren't they?

Out of curiosity, are you growing your cucumbers "free" or are you using cucumber glasses.

Currently our growing cucumbers are "free" but are growing into all-sorts of weird twisted shapes, so next season we may invest and try using plastic versions of cucumber glasses.

I'm growing them in the polytunnel with a supporting frame made from canes to grow on and over.

So you are not trying to straighten the cucumbers in any way then?

But are letting the fruits curl this way and that, resulting in bent cucumbers.

Ours are not only very bent but a good few of them are also twisted as well.

These ones are OK for dicing and adding to a jug of Pimms, but are a bit awkward to slice for my Fish paste sandwiches  

I pick them small and bottle them in a sweet Dill pickle, delicious with all sorts of salads, burgers, etc.  

A few years ago, before we got a feel for how many Cucumbers you get on a plant or can conceivably eat, we had 6 in the Polytunnel. I remember the Pigs and Chickens were more than happy to help out  

I adore cucumbers - nothing better than a cucumber sandwich with lots of salt on......but now I can't eat them without getting indigestion which lasts for days!! Even tried peeling them.  A couple of slices are great for soothing itchy hay fever eyes though.

Wash, dry and grate on a coarse grater. Put into a sieve and allow to drain a little. Season and serve like coleslaw.
Very simple, tasty and fresh with dinner.

Cut into chunks about 3" long and then slice into eight equal segments down the length. These batons are good with dips or for pickling in a sweet dill pickle. Tasty with cheese

Slice them up in thickish rounds  and cut those in quarters. Stir fry (much nicer than courgettes) with tiny tomatoes, pineapple chunks and button mushrooms. Add in some broccoli florets just at the end. Nice mix to stir through plain basmatti rice for a one bowl meal or for packing to take as a picnic lunch.

There's always riata too


We've had the soup from the recipe that I posted for dinner this evening and you can take it from me, that it was superb and well worth doing.  

Did you serve yours warm or chilled?

And does the cooking take the "wind"   out of the cucumber?

Hot, with home made onion bread to dip in it. It was a delicious combination.

Tonight's dinner was home made Spring Rolls.
I used rice wrappers, but realising that I had no bean sprouts, and it has poured all day and I wasn't going shopping for just those, I julienned cucumber, carrot, onion, green beans, four mushrooms, two small peppers, peeled and crushed a clove of garlic and finely slithered a lump of ginger out of the stem ginger jar.
Quickly stir fried the lot and set it aside to cool. Used it to fill the spring rolls
It was very good indeed  

So I can happily recommend sliced up cucumber instead of bean sprouts


Sweet dill pickle. can you tell me the recipe please.We love pickled  gherkins but have lost the recipe and want to grow them this year

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