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A couple of packets of seeds.

I've been to Wynnstay this morning to stock up on layers pellets and Mollychop and couldn't help but notice a new rack of seeds that they had on display there. They were selling seeds called 'Country Value' and when I asked them how much their packets of Chilli Peppers and Sweet Peppers were, they were only 79 pence. I couldn't resist, so I bought a packet of each. The chilli peppers are described as being ' Hot Chilli Mixed' and the sweet peppers are 'California Wonder'

I know that its early days yet but I was wondering whether I might get away with planting them in the windowsill and then planting them out in the polytunnel in a month or two?  

Yes by all means get setting. I've set 50 early potatoes this morning in the greenhouse & brought half a bag of compost down to the house for gloria to set lettuce, cabbage & tomatoes in trays to go on the window sill.

Bodger, we have planted our toms, aubergines, peppers and chilli seeds this week indoors  
They will be trasfered to a protected area in the greenhouse as soon as they are big enough  

I've inherited an Alan Titchmasch book called 'The Kitchen Garden' and it advises as you have.
I'm amazed at the 79p price tag on the pepper seeds. We looked at getting some last year and they were pretty expensive, we ended up buying some plants in.
Old Titchmarsh reckoned you should be getting between ten and fifteen peppers per plant but we didn't get anywhere near that many.

Yes, most of the above I've alredy set to germinate over the past few weeks. So long as you take care when introducing them to the outside climate, Ifind you get bigger/stronger plants that produce more fruit. Have done this for a number of years now.

Does this company "Country Value" have a web site? I'll try googling them a bit later on.
Cheapest seeds I've seen this year were at Morrisons of all places, not the greatest selection of varieties ect, but all under a 1.00 a packet.

I'll get my reading glasses.

No! No sign of a website but the companies address is Newmarket, Suffolk, which suggests to me, that they maybe one of the bigger companies that are packing for the cheap end of the market.

I've just been on the phone to my brother Dave aka Jake, whose going to plant some beetroot seeds and he says that I can have some plants from them. I've never grown beetroot before.

I'm not sure where or how the cannabis bit comes into things but a quick Google revealed this information about them.

If anyone uses Thompson & Morgan they have free delivery ending tonight. Saves you about 6 quid if you're ordering potatoes.
They have a few offers on seeds and spuds.

Called  into Morrisons today, their seeds start off at 0.59p...but very limited varieties and range of choices...

Cheers Bodger for the info, will look into it later on, yet again, gotta pick OH up from work..and meet a guy who maybe!! be offering Me some work...
We'll wait and see...

But thanks again

Don't forget Poundshops, they often have packs of 4 seed types for a 1.
They may not be the latest/best/trendiest varieties, but they still get eaten!

the country value ones bodge is referring to are in our Boyes branch for 69p I thought pretty comprehensive selection

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