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A Connection in Time.

Having lit the fire this morning, I found myself with a little bit of time on my hands, which I used to do a bit of Googling and came up with this interesting link with its set of old black and white pictures.

If you have a look at them, then the one with the Bowers family standing in front of a cottage is the one that I found particularly interesting and so pertinent to my own family history.
Some of the pictures show Poolside cottage on the banks of Knypersley Pool in North Staffordshire.Karen and I owned this house, long after the Bowers's of course but it was ours from 1981- 88. Three of our four kids were born there and we obviously have many happy memories of our time living by the lake. The water usually only went over the waterfall during the winter months and falling a sleep in bed with the window open was never a problem. I didn't need a lullaby or anyone to rock me to sleep, listening to the water cascading down from the lake and back into the beginnings of the River Trent did the trick every time.


I don't and didn't know the  Bowers family but now that I've found out that we had something in common, I almost feel as though I do and I wish their ancestors all the best in tracing the family tree.
I can't help but think that they too would have heard the bats in the loft during the winter and that like us, would they have looked forward to the swallows nesting every summer in the eaves of the cottage and to the swifts screeching over the reservoir ?

I was a policeman in Biddulph for about eight years up until 1988. The town has changed a lot since the old photos were taken but its also changed a heck of a lot more since my time too. I've really enjoyed this morning looking through a piece of history has made me feel that I need to say thank you the people who've compiled it.


I can tell that you folks have been riveted by this snippit of my family history    so I'll try again.  

Have any of you been watching 'The Great Pottery Throw Down' ? Well we have and we've found it to be a really interesting programme and  on so many levels.

First of all, yours truly was actually born rather a long time ago in Middleport, Stoke-on- Trent  back in 1954, which is where the show is filmed and secondly, because the black and white archive footage used in the programme was filmed at some of the factories, AKA Pot Banks that I would have worked in during my school holidays and during college breaks.
Its been a real blast from the past and walk down memory lane for me.  

And just to add that, later on in life in the late 70's, as a Bobby, the area surrounding the factory was on my beat for four years and that I  must have walked hundreds of miles at all times of the day and night around Burslem, Middleport and Longport. I'll always be a Potter, a Stokey born and bred !

Don,t watch it but it,s nice to see something that brings back good memories it,s great that it did that for you

I love stuff like this I find it fascinating; it fleshes out the bones of our history and gives the faces and works of the people of the past a 'hello' again.

Your pool side house looks lovely loads of history there too.


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