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A computer question about Microsoft Office.

Is there an alternative?

I have a new laptop winging its way to me, and I'm going to have to install new office gubbins.

I normally use Word, Excel, and Publisher

The current stuff installed on my PC is now old and won't transfer to Windows 10 which will be on the new beastie.

Now I discover that you have to buy an annual subscription for Microsoft Office, and that doesn't include Publisher. Reviews I've read aren't too great, citing it's long to download and you can only use it on one device. If download goes wrong you frequently have to buy the whole thing again !

I've heard whispers of similar products available to download for less or even free.  Has anyone any experience of these?  For instance, how would you send a document?  Would the recipient have to have the same software to open it?

I would appreciate any advice as you can probably tell, I'm a reluctant computer user and certainly don't keep up with all new stuff except on a 'need to know' basis.

I use openoffice:


Brilliant! Thanks.  

It says it's compatible with other office software so should do the trick.

I use open Office as well - thoroughly recommend it. It will load Microsoft files eg word excel and when you go to save there is an option to save in microsoft format in case you want to send a file to someone with Microsoft Office.
In fact I have ditched Microsoft Windows completely and use Ubuntu which performs better for me.

Soft Maker Free Office is another.

I've used LibreOffice for years, it's a development of OpenOffice.

12Bore wrote:
I've used LibreOffice for years, it's a development of OpenOffice.


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