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A cider update.

Here's an update on our cider making enterprise.
So far, we've made 37 barrels of what will hopefully turn out to be cider. Each barrel contains sixty litres. Of the thirty seven, five have been racked off so far and. The remaining barrels are at varying stages but will be following suit over the next few weeks. Because of the drop in temperature, the barrels that we made later, are going to take longer to ferment and to mature.

I still haven't had the results from the course that I took a few weeks ago but as long as I passed it, I'm hoping to obtain a 'Personal Alcohol Licence' quite a bit before Christmas.

As far as apple pressing is concerned, with the one exception, we wont be pressing anymore this year. That exception is going to be for the cider apples that we collecting from Herefordshire next month.
All the apples that we have pressed so far, have been either eaters or cookers, so we're hoping to to bring back around half a ton of 'proper' cider apples. The cider that we make from them, will help to give more depth to our cider made from local apples. In the new year, we're planning to blend it with what we've already made.
This is really going to be when things become interesting. The blending stage is where the cider makers art really comes into play and is where a good cider can be made or broken. It all going to come down to experience, so the new year could very well see us struggling.

...if you need tasters....send some up our way!


I passed my course and recieved the certificate at the beginning of this week. My next step is for me to to go into the council offices and see the lady who looks after alcohol licensing. In addition to my certificate, I'll also need to take in the results of my CRB check, two mug shots, one signed to say that its a true likeness and then, after paying them 37.50p I'll need to fill in an application for a personal alcohol licence.

Moving on to a different subject, at this very moment in time as the football pundits are so very fond of saying, I'm sucking on a black currant lolly in an attempt to get rid of the horrible taste that i have in my mouth.
Young Rob and I have just made our very first attempt at blending a drop or two of cider. When ever we've had too much apple juice to go into a barrel, we've made some cider in demi johns, so as not to waste the excess. Today, armed with the sugar bag and some stuff called Malic acid we've had a bash at improving the taste of the cider that we've made. Inspite of young Rob putting all the technical know how from his recent course into practice, its definately going to be a case of back to the drawing board. In the meantime, this lolly tastes pretty damned good.

The dozy beggars have only gone and made me ten years younger than I really am.
Normally I wouldn't mind but this morning, after a good scrub and polish, I got myself ready to go off to the council offices. I was ready to go and had my certificate and CRB check in hand when I noticed that they'd put an incorrect date of Birth on the CRB. This was inspite me having sent them a copy of my passport. Now I've got to resubmit my application. Tossers.


The first of just over 4000. Today we bottled the first of the 2011 cider. It was very clear and drinkable if not a little lacking in a little bit in depth and astringency but we can work on that.


Ahem, from my profile


You'll have to paddle up this way.

That looks an excellent drop of cider, is it dry & still ?

Its still and dry. We'll be racking off the last four barrels later on today.

You could diversify and make cider vinegar. Our friends have a fruit farm and do single variety apple juice and use any duffers to make vinegar. Its very good for you and Im sure you know useful for chickens and horses too. Love Lizzie

I must have drunk some of this yesterday.....

Went to visit 2 cider making 'establishments' on the south coast....

The first was definately ...'rustic' (tried it and had a toilet incident about 3 hrs later) , the second almost has ceased to be...

Went to the local pub to try the produce of producer no 2...yuk...I mean REALLY vinegar.

Dont want to produce stuff like this.

Next week going to visit one just over the border in Devon.
Dave C

How is the cider doing bodger.

Are you selling any yet?


Lizzie  agee cider vinegar is great stuff we give it to calves and use it ourselves    Havw ever made it using wild free yeast. great stuff

Lorraine sounds like it might have been cider vinegar    

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