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A Change of Plans?

I've been trying for the last six months or more to obtain a suitable GOS boar for the girls but without any luck. Unfortunately, my stand by plan has also just gone pear shaped too.
As many of you may know, I've been borrowing a beautiful boar Patrick from our member Julie Shrops but alas, he's not a 100% right now, so I've had to make alternative arrangements rather quickly and this is what I've come up with.

Dot and Gladys's spotty piglets will be weaned off them next weekend. With sows, its a matter of striking while the irons hot and they are virtually guaranteed to come back into season four days after their piglets are weaned. Dot and Gladys are now going to go on their holidays up the A55 to stay with a boar for three weeks in Colwyn Bay.
This will mean paying a service fee to the boars owner plus so much a kilo for the feed that they consume. This wont be quite so expensive as it sounds, because I'd havehad to have been feeding them here anyway and the big bonus, apart from more piglets, will that be that I don't have to rush into buying a boar that I might regret having later.
In the meantime, I already have plans in hand  to solve my future boar predicament. In five weeks time, I'm going off up the country to Harrogate to get two little eight week old boars to rear on. If things go to plan, these will be ideal for any gilts that I decide to keep from my current crop of piglets.
Changing plans eh?
chicken feed

Plan changing is good or so I'm told !!.

our change of plan this week is we have just ordered a pig to be put to the boar to farrow july/august this will bring our sow numbers up our blood lines up and fingers crossed a nice boar to use on this years july gilts… about plan ahead. so this year we should be farrowing 4 july litters instead of our usual 2 don't know how the numbers come to that    we wont mention the september litters !.

and for once no one can blame me for the increase in numbers  

Julie has PM'd me to say that poor old Patrick has been put down. Its a great shame but he has left a super legacy behind here for me. He's fathered all three of the litters of GOS's that I've bred. He was dad to my two gilts Maude and Mildred and the two young litters that I currently have from Dot and Gladys are showing great potential.
Pat was great old boy and has been the yard stick I've used when I've been on my travels looking for a boar to buy. The fact that I still haven't bought one says a lot about how good he was.

Pat in happier times.


Thanks for that John - what a wonderful tribute  
Fowgill Farm

Deepest sympathies Julie, we lost our young boar after he fell off a sow and broke his leg. I'm glad you did the right thing for him. Big hug.
Bodger glad you got the girls sorted out sure they'll enjoy their hols!

Here's one of my plans. This is Mildred, whose a Princess gilt. I'm pretty sure that she's in the family way and if she is, then she'd due to farrow on the first of April. She's one of the two sisters that I ran with the Welsh boar. Unfortunately her sister has proven to be barren and will be heading for the freezer in a couple of weeks time.

She looks preggers to me, what do you think? She's one of Patricks daughters from the first litter from Prudence.

Fingers crossed for a good result

She does look in pig. Easier to tell looking from above I think when you can see that bulge in the belly area like the hull of an old sailing ship!
Julie sorry to hear about Patrick what happened?
Dave C

Poor old Partrick, he was a handsome fella

Good luck with Mildrid bodger

I've just spoken to the lady with the boar in Colwyn Bay and both dot and Gladys have been seen to have some 'nooky' with her boar.
And Mildred our young gilt, whose in  our maternity ward here, looks fit to burst. Going on the date that we saw her mated, she's due on the first of April. We hung the heat lamp in the creep area this morning ready for her to farrow.

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