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A Busy Day ahead on the Holding.

I've got a busy day on the smallholding ahead of me.
As well as the normal routine stuff I do on a daily basis, today I need to fetch and unload a ton of bagged pig food from Wynnstays and after that, go to a local farm and do the same with ten bags of barley and ten of oats.
That will mean sixty trips to and from the barn and my van. Its just got to make me fitter hasn't it?

The whole grains are destined to go through my small mill and into the home mixed pig food that I make. I also add wheat, soya and minerals into the mix.
This will is fed to my adult breeding stock but not to the growers.
The Wynnstay sow pellets are in the main fed to the Gloucester Old Spot piglets that I'm fattening up for the butcher.
Milling and mixing the pig food requires some time but I reckon that with the proprietary pellets costing me around seven pounds and the equivalent in home mix around four, then my time spent on milling represents quite a saving.
I'm also experimenting on doing something similar for the food that I feed to my chickens, ducks and geese. I'm certainly busy enough, especially during these short days and long nights.

Well I was going to be busy today but I have stepped in a hole in the top field and gone over on my ankle! Now sitting with a support bandage on and can't see me doing much for a while

That's a bit of a pig  The rain has set in with a vengeance here again.

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