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A Brilliant use of Pig Poop !

I've always said that if  a fraction of the money that's being used on nuclear power was to be spent on alternative green power, then the world would be a much nicer and safer place.

I hope that this system goes on to be used as a blue print for other farmers and polluters.

I think that's brilliant. I hope it pays off the costs and helps keep the farm and the families that depend on it in business for many years to come.

Years ago I read about the use in India of 'vat' gas producing digester thingies. Basically they fed the covered tank/vat all the household waste (nightsoil included) and the dung from their cows and chickens, and it produced gas that the family used for cooking, heat and lighting, and left them with good quality fertilizer too.
They had the advantage of living in a warm climate that helped the process along with minimal help, basically it only cost them the construction of the vat, the valves and piping ,and manual labour to keep it filled then emptied.
I thought then that we were missing the boat somehow here.

Good to see that it's becoming a worthwhile process on farms here too
Though the small scale version, like the ones used in India might be awfully useful for small holders.


You'd definitely lose any friends you might have.

I wondered about that too, but apparantly it was sealed in as much as it didn't stink (like septic tank vents I suppose) and kept the flies out. The gas, the stuff that makes most of the smell of the rotting compost, was burned.

Tbh, the first time I saw it I thought that if they got the seals wrong then they'd just created the biggest damn shit bomb on the planet


'Mad Max' did it  

Toddy part of the reason it was done in India was because all the trees for fires had been burnt  for miles and they were using cow pats so the very dangerous septic holes were covered and a pipe to the house put in. The flame was a yellow lazy one BUT clean burning and no smell from anywhere. Total win,win

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