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A boozy day

I finally got around to bottling 3 demijohns of wine today

The one on the left is homemade plum wine at 7.5% ABV - too dry....

The middle one, believe it or not, is homemade Ribena wine that started out red . It also tested at 7.5% ABV and is much too sweet.......a blend of the 2 may be necessary.

The one on the right was a red wine kit and has come out at 11.5% ABV and is actually quite drinkable

One out of 3 can't be bad

I have started off 25 litres of Elderflower Champagne, and 10 litres of Elderflower wine today.

Ribena Wine? Do tell....

Rob and Jen made it yonks ago from a recipe that they found somewhere. It tastes hidious !

Ribena wine?  

bodger wrote:
Rob and Jen made it yonks ago from a recipe that they found somewhere. It tastes hidious !

You can keep the recipe then  
Rare one

Ribena wine ?   nothing like what we made last year or the ones in the demijohns this year. Ours is red and last years tasted quite pleasant actually had a bit of a sparkle although it was not intended. Will take photos when I get a chance.

I have successfully made several Meads using cartons of fruit juice for the base flavours. My favourite was (Lidl's) Red Grape Mead, but the judges preferred the (Lidl's) Orange Mead and awarded it first prize.

Lois and made a cracking hotch-potch wine made up from the dregs of several various cartons of fruit juice found during the morning after the party the night before: the kids loved it when they came to stop with us 3 months or so after we made it.

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