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A boat cat

We moored up next to this boat on the last night of our canal holiday and were amazed to see that not only did they have a boat-dog but also a boat-cat

The Bengal cat and the dog were allowed to roam on and off the boat onto the tow path and the cat regularly bought the owners 'presents'. They all lived on the boat permanently and the boat owners had their own generator to power the 50" television  oh.gif  and laptop

Amazing how cats and dogs adapt to our way of life isn't it? (Although I'd have kept them tightly locked in whilst crossing the Pontythingy aqueduct).

I remember seeing the 'boat people' who lived on tiny houseboats in Aberdeen Harbour in Hong Kong. As well as tribes of small children, the boats were also home to many dogs and cats, and even chickens kept in cages suspended from the sides of the boats, just above the waterline! All in a tiny community in the middle of a busy (and presumably deep) harbour.

Hee hee!!!  

Love that pic Kaz! Ive seen 2 BIG Mouser's when i was in coventry from the barge's on Coventry Canal. I think tbh they thought they where dogs very intelligant creatures  

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