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A bit of excitement over a first.

I made my first proper sale today.  I took 20 bottles of apple juice back to one of the sites that I've picked apples from. They were extremely pleased and were impressed that I'd personalised the labels to show that the juice had come from their own orchards.


Well done    and here's to a rosy and profitable future in this venture  

Brilliant, looks great!!    

Fantastic! Well done.

Happy days!! well done.


congratulations on to bigger and better things    

great news

How lovely! Well done!

I think there is a real market for this kind of venture down here also.  Our nearest place that juices apples is either 50 mins away on the south coast at Duloe or 50 mins away West .
No-one on the North coast is doing it.
If we could set this up - would it be best as a coperative or as a small on farm venture?
What kind of money would be involved in offering a facility for juicing here - ie bring your apples, we will juice them and charge you a fee or we will collect your apples and sell you the juice back.

I think the cider making is best left to people with more knowledge.

Forget offering a facility that could help other folk to eventually set up in opposition to you. Think about setting up juice production yourself instead.

As far as the apples are concerned, although we have planted over 150 trees since 2008, none of them as yet, are in anything like full production. Our own harvest this year was pitiful but fortunately in the area that we live in, apples really do grow on trees. There are simply loads of apples free for the asking. We've picked tons and tons of them over the last few weeks and they've come from peoples gardens or from the remnants of old neglected orchards within just a few miles radius of home.

People in the 21st century don't seem to have a clue what to do with masses of apples and rather than leave them to rot, are more than happy for us to put them to good use. On a couple of occasions, we've had over a quarter of a ton from just one tree. The great shame is that on occasions when people move into a new property, they have old established trees chopped down just to tidy the place up. :(
We have well over a ton to press tomorrow.

Hi Bodger

Can I ask about your labels?  Did you produce them yourself or get them ordered?
I really like the simple apple design.

I got young Rob to knock them out on the computer. We just bought sticky labels of the right size.

Dosnt the ink run?

Kodak printer. No problems at all. The bottles are dry when the labels go on, as in the ink.

Well done Bodge  - looking good

I print my own egg labels on an epson stylus but the ink does smear when wet (as I found carrying egg boxes in a very light shower from the car to the shop).

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