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A bit of colour

I got my new camera today so here are a few of the shots I used to try it out
A nice bit of spring colour outside the back door.


What camera and lens did you get?

We still have snow in many places here, so the spring flowers have not yet showed themselves. But your pics show you are will on the way with yours.

It's always nice with a bit of colour after a long grey winter.

Hi Border - it's a Canon SX20 IS so at the moment it's still a point and shoot camera but will probably be a step up to better things  

Optic's look lovely and crisp Kaz...look forward to seeing some more shots from you,it looks a good little camera

Christ-I swear you are in a different country to us!!  Snowdrops are through here ut eveerything else is a long way off!!   Nice pics!

Snowdrops are just going over now. Crocus been out a few days and the Daff's are now Daffing but much smaller than last year.
Grandma Bodger

what a picture those baskets look,well done I can just imagine me sitting there with my coffee  
Green Rosie

The mice ate all the crocus corms I'd planted in old wellies and the ducks have had a good go things in the front bed

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