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A bit of colour about the place.

A few pics of some of the tubs, pots and hanging baskets, we have about the place.

Yorkshire Geordie

Great - looks like Chelsea Flower Show.  

All them baskets'll take a lorra waterin'  


 A lot of watering for Mrs Border  

Very nice mate, real vibrant colours.  

They look great , I love pots and baskets but am absolutely useless with them. I'm a very lazy gardener and always forget to water them. The only plants in my garden are ones that survive on neglect.

looking great, every year I think I must fill ourswith plants.....thats as far as it gets  

Thanks for the positive comments, you can't beat a bit of colour for cheering one up.

HH and YG......... Mrs B doesn't do any watering, I do it all.
That is maybe because I have some IBC tanks,  I use as water butts and pump the water with  tractor from my carp lake into IBC's, saves a bit of money on water.

Hopefully, when I get it all set up, rain water collected from the roof of the dog kennels during the winter, will be enough to water the flower pot, tubs hanging baskets and fruit and veg patch.
Grandma Bodger

up yo now Ive only used water from the water tubs as Im on water meter it was a near thing a fortnight ago but that rain came in time and half filled them again

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