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A bit of a shock yesterday!

Karen and I went to Wilkinsons in Porthmadoc yesterday, we went to buy a pressurised polybarrrel. It cost us 24.oo but it wasn't that that shocked me, it was the price of demi johns. How many of them have you thrown or given away over the years? They wanted seven quid a piece for them!    

When I moved from the house in the country back to the city a few years ago, the removal men missed the demi johns. Must have been thirty to forty of them. Cant afford to replace them so everything aged in polybins or second hand bottles.

Chaps, get yourself to your local supermarket, they all do own brand mineral water at 99p for 5 litres.  The bottles are exactly the same as plastic demijohns at a fraction of the cost - you do need to drill a hole in the cap for the bubbler though.

One of my friends has just bought a wee cottage just on the other side of the valley............I was helping him clear his lum (chimney to you Suvverners   ) the other day & he mentioned there were a few odds & sods in the loft I  might like to have a look at............

The old chap that owned the place was obviously a winemaker, as the loft was chock-a-block with demijohns, Mason jars & other odds & sods! There were even a few bottles of sherry dated '1974/5'!   Sadly, they'd long since turned to vinegar, but I have ended up as the lucky recipient of various demijohns, jars, fermenting bins, etc  

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