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A bit of a result.

A bit of a result.
Yesterday I sold some eggs to a guy who called at the farm gate. We got talking a bit and he told me that he was a book dealer. I asked him if he ever dealt in hunting books and he said that he'd got one that I could have one for nothing.
I've been out this morning and when I got in I found the book on the door step. Its one of the Lonsdale series, not a first edition but one printed in 1952. I've got a few of them but not this one. Its The Lonsdale Keepers Book. Its quite dated but looks to be a good read. It'll be on my bed side cabinet for at least the next few nights. Financially its not worth very much but as a gift its much appreciated.
A quick scan through it has revealed some very interesting chapters on a wide range of subjects, ferreting, vermin trapping and river management to name just a few.
Yorkshire Geordie

It's on sale on a site for 31.60 but maybe in better condition?

It will still be an interesting read.

In the spirit of value for money how about a free download

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