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Yorkshire Geordie

A big Chopper

Whilst out walking this afternoon, enjoying the sun, warmth, views and scenery Biscuit and I were disturbed by an ever increasing drone.
Looking up I saw two things similar to dragonflies in the sky - getting bigger, looking threatening.

Before they both swept noisily past I managed to shoot one of them ........

I think the local Marines from Lympstone must have been exercising on Woodbury Common and needed a bit of tender looking after.

Biscuit and I were then left to continue admiring the views.

We later went home for tea.

Great pics mind you don,t get stopped for acts of terrorism taking pics of choppers

Those are nice snaps. Mart.

thank you

Thanks for sharing the pics  

Great pics!
Three of those regularly fly over work.
Many years ago when the septics were at RAF Burtonwood they used to practice close formation flying, landing and manouevers.
Always worth watching until the MPs arrived, but they would beggar off when I showed my warrant card...

that's my fafourite flying machine not specifically the chinhook. helicopters on the whole.

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