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found some old fruit in freezer, would this be ok to make some wine?  desperately need some tips as have never done any before (despite trying to get round to it :p)

how do I start?

thank you in advance
maine moose

It Makes great wine the simplest fruit wines and some of the tastiest are online. I just put what ever fruit you got even mixed so like sloe blackcurrant plum wine "how to make" in to Google and hay presto out comes an answer, Best tip you need 3lbs or more per gallon when you defrost do it in your fermenting bucket to save all the juice. If you haven't got a demi john a 5lt water container works well, for a bung /air trap in to the cap a piece of 1/4" tubing down to an old jar full of water a quick squirt of any silicone sealer its now air tight Keep it simple it works every time. good luck and happy drinking

You can buy 'First Steps in Winemaking' very cheaply from Amazon. It has all the basics you need to know, and loads of recipes.

British Red

Re: ????

sapphire wrote:

how do I start?

thank you in advance

We did an illustrated guide that might help?

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