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365 Days!

But this year being a Leap Year I am not sure whether to count today as one year or wait until tomorrow to celebrate.

Today is 365 days since my beloved Pereg's last major Grand Mal seizure, a day I thought I would never see.

When she reached 100 days I said I am not expecting miracles - I know the Monster will be back. Maybe today, maybe tomorrow, maybe next week, and if it does then we will cope, but we never thought my beloved Pereg would even pull through the last series of cluster episodes.

Every seizure-free day with her is a blessing - a day to be treasured and a day for which to be grateful.

But then every day with her is a day to be treasured, because Pereg herself is a blessing in my life.

Because I love her. It is as simple as that.

Happy (un)birthday Pereg.

That's brilliant news     Give Pereg a tummy tickle from me and Polly says "woof"  

Great news Juli    fingers crossed for Pereg to be fit-free.

  Just the greatest news give her big hugs from our         and us.

That's great news. All seizure free days are a bonus!


Even better news today following Pereg's visit to the Vet for her six-monthly check-up and blood tests!

She has lost another kilo in weight since 1 August and is now down to 17.2kg which is only 200g more than she weighed in April last year when she was first put on Pb!  

The Pb plus after affects of seizures cause non-stop ravenous want for food food and more food, even though the dog isn't actually hungry.  The mis-firing of the wiring in an an epi brain causes it, and it is nag nag nag gimmee food, and Pereg went from 17kg last April up to 20.8kg last October.

But a change to raw and weighing everything, slowly giving her less and less has ended up with a total loss of 3.6kg - almost back to when it started!

The haematology and blood chemistry tests were done while we were there - all perfect including the all important liver function levels.  A minor problem with one of the kidney levels but it is only minor.

Blood had to be sent to an outside laboratory for the specialised Pb level and thyroid panel tests, and I should know the results of those early next week.

But what a change from that overweight podge back to the Pereg before all this started.  She has a glorious waist [I should be so luck to even have a waist] and she has a good tuck now. I don't even begrudge the fact that I have just had to buy her yet another harness as she went from Large to Medium and is now wearing a Small/Medium size!

I am sitting here with such a big grin on my face!  

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