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365/15 photo project: your personal invitation to join me.

365/15 photo project: your personal invitation to join me.

I am posting up a new photo every day into my Facebook album, and I am going to update my current OTG 365/15 thread monthly by copying all my photos across from the previous month in one go. If you would like to keep up to date on a daily basis with my project, and you have a Facebook account (mine is an open to all, public account) then please take the time to look here; Gareth's 365/15 photo project or at this link to The Overthegate page of Gareth's 365/15 photo project

What I would like to do is to encourage you to begin a 365/15 photo project thread of your own here on OTG, and post a link in to it on this page so that it becomes a sort of quick reference general index............. don't worry I can administer this page to keep it all relevant and concise.

I am currently using my Facebook page as the first posting point of my project, and then at the end of the month I will copy and paste my Facebook postings across to my main OTG 365/15's easy-peasy to do!

The objective is to take the photos and then post one a day on your project page (Facebook album in my case), and I am going to tell you now that I am cheating a little by going out with my camera each day, and often taking multiple photos, which I am posting up on different days................ some days my camera hasn't even left my pocket as I have found nothing worth photographing. You can take photos of anything you want or of anything thing that interests you..... my 365/15 project really will be an eclectic mix of different subjects and matter.

So please start your own thread in the photograph section and title it: Your forum name 365/15 photo project.

I really look forward to seeing the pictures posted.

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