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For those unsure of these digits significance it means that the pups are 12-24 hours away, so its going to be very hectic. Mrs C is away at an interview new school further north and im hoping the storm doesnt begin until she returns. B prepared all being well there could be a lot of photographs here.

a few days ago very fat Fusey:


Hope all goes well when it happens  

As Scottie said hope all goes well and we await the photos
Dave C

Excellent, best of look mate  

What stud dog did you use ?

i used Helsmway Henry, hes a strong grafting type. Qualified for the championship three times, nice match for her i think/hope.

Dave C

I have only heard good things about him

Should make excellent pups mate

well we lost two, both breach births, saddened and will no doubt brood over this for a week or three despite consoling talk from friends.

we had four pups, three bitches and one dog, the two we lost were also bitches.

i opted for A as a suitable start point with a Greek theme.

this is Rosefold Argo, he has been wandering all over the whelping box, he is going to some good friends, he has two spots on his shoulders which look like wings so he's been named Gabriel, Gabe

this is the smallest pup the wee l/w bitch Rosefold Artemis

i really wanted to call one Ajax, which is kind of masculine but this big bitch pup who carries the most colour got that name, so this beauty is Rosefold Ajax

finally is the first surving pup out Rosefold Alpha

delighted but gutted about losing the other two.

I think they might have just started a fan club.
Yorkshire Geordie

Congratulations   and commiserations   Barraboy.
You still have your work cut out with those delightful "pink puppies" though.    

Grand looking pups

Love them all  

the milk bar is open

sorry i will tire of snaps soon, already  tired of washing dog beds lol

the milk bar is open

sorry i will tire of snaps soon, already  tired of washing dog beds lol err somehow ive posted twive not sure how
Dave C

Very nice  

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