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:hello2: does anyone still use 35mm,i do i use russian cameras,i even have a photosniper,like a rifle for wildlife,i lost one russian camera off the bike at 60mph,i am still using it,try that with a digital!  :cheers:

Still use a 35mm.

Use digital, 35mm, 6x4.5 cm, 6x6 cm, and 5" x 4" film, each has its areas of excellence!
windy miller


Yep still use 35mm plus I have a Fuji 6 x 17 plus an old Hasselblad and a 5X5 which I have to say havent used for a while. the 6 x 17 is brilllllll only get 4 shots on a 120 roll.

6x17 sounds fun, must take a huge enlarger though!
windy miller


Yes everything has to be hand printed on an o;d 10X8 enlarger, apart from the contacts for proofing. There is a Co I use over in Warrington to make prints. The image quality is brill. If your local to Cheshire take it for a test drive some time. You need to be good with a meter as there is no metering system in it it's all old fashioned and manual and just how i like it.

And have just added a Mamiya RZ67 to the collection along with polaroid and 6x7 backs so should be fun, and have been looking at transfer printing from the Fuji polaroid film, could be interesting!

They all sound fantastic cameras,I was very lucky and got given a Leica Rangefinder a few years back and i also have the camera that i cut my teeth on a 5 years ago an Nikon f-401,use both but i am quite keen myself to try and lay my hands on an old hasselblad as well a Mamiya...I know either probably arent going to be cheap but can anyone give me a rough idea on price of the bodys and glass???
brummie nick

Re: 35mm

gorlan wrote:
,i lost one russian camera off the bike at 60mph,i am still using it

What, the bike or the camera.?  

First rolls of 120 put through the new to me Mamiya over the last week, looking forward to developing them to see the 6x7 results!


I haven't used any of my film cameras in a few years now though I still have loads of rolls of exposed film and may get them processed as I have no idea what's on them  

Still have about eight or so Pentax, a Canon, Cosina, Olympus and some others knocking about somewhere..

I also had a load of darkroom stuff and a gnome enlarger, I think all that stuff went to the tip  


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