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2012 diesel consuption and 2013 aims

Last year i started recording every liter of diesel i put in the car and my milage, I got these figures
i bought 742 liters of diesel
I drove 8224 miles
i make that a fraction over 50mpg which im happy with for a 1.8 lit ford focus ghia
I make it just over 1000 paid for the travel.
This year i want to aim for reducung thast by 20% to 800 quid, the problem is i intend to do more shows and visiting friends and relitives this year so im going to have to cut down my day to day car use so im planning to cycle to work most days to make the difference up.
I have worked out i can buy 584 liters or 48 liters a month.
so far i havent put any in my tank for january so its going ok so far.
anyone else ever keep a record of their fuel use and want to have a go at reducung their use?

We have records but for tax purposes, tried to cut back but didn't work things kept happening so have small car to run around in when we don't need ute big savings   All the best with your efforts

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