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2.30 am ?

Half past two this morning and it started ! A fox calling in the field right by our house and that was it, I didn't get a wink of sleep!

" Did I lock the chickens up properly ? I did ? Didn't I? "

A fox calling in the middle of the night has to be one of the worst sounds for a chicken keeper to hear.  My super duper fox trap will be set this evening.

Its the fox mating time of year, when the foxes are moving around in search of 'Nooky'

I heard them calling, early morning a few days ago.Since then I've delayed letting out the young stock at home early, waiting now until I get home from doing the birds at the platt (in the neighbouring village).

It's quite a chilling sound.

I've got a few young cull cockerels still in their feather in the freezer to bait the trap with but with the weather that we've been having they go off so quickly. The fox doesn't mind a bit of a pong but I do.

Our neighbour told me yesterday that she has seen a young fox in their fields during the day! I haven't noticed or heard any yet, though we have several owls making a din during the night

I havn't heard foxes calling in the night for years round here, thankfully  
We do have lots of owls being on the edge of a wood but the ones that allways wakes me and the dogs in the night are the Muntjac deer barking.  

I love the sound of owls in the night and if I wasn't a chicken keeper, then I suppose I'd enjoy their call too. As for the Muntijac we don't have any deer in our area. I understand that they can cause a bit of damage but I'd be prepared to risk it. I'm quite envious Malcolm.

How are those LS cockerels going? I've still got six of them but I'll have to make the cut and decide which one's to keep pretty soon.

Don't have foxes and only 1 native owl that is kinda rare and love to hear them.

I love to see the Muntjac in and out of the wood and local fields but I don't enjoy the barking at night. Hey Ho.
The owls are great, we have a good population of both Barn and Tawny and their calling doesn't wake me.  
The Tawny are the "Twit Twoo" callers but the Barn Owls "shriek". Jean, my wife can imitate the shriek perfectly and calls to them from the back door.
You can hear them getting nearer, answering her, untill they are in the trees on the edge of our garden.

The LS cockerels are looking great.  
I can't decide which to keep, they all look good.

We have both Tawnys and Barn Owls many more of the former and only I think one pair of Barn Owls or at least 2 birds!

We have quite a few Little owls around us. I used to see quite a few of them when I went lamping on Nefyn Golf Course. I was hunting rabbits and they were hunting earth worms.

The fox was calling at just after six this morning but it sounded a little bit further away than the other night. I've had my cage fox trap set for the last two nights but so far, they've found my chicken treats resistible.

My good friend put my chickens away for me last night but I did check on them after we got back from the cinema. Everything had been put away properly but checking them again did give me peace of mind.
I'll be taking Grace for a walk in a few minutes time. Half past six and its still dark.

How was the film ?
Did it live upto expectations ?

I took Grace out for a walk at quarter to six this morning. There was a fox on the Ganolfan ( village hall) playing fields, I gave it a few of my best rabbit in distress squeaks and it came right up to us,
At the beginning of the summer I would have seen hundreds of rabbits but Myxy has swept through them and I only saw seven but its a start of a come back.
Rick & Carol

not a thread I've enjoyed reading. Earlier this week at 8pm we realised we'd forgot to lock up for the night. Laying flock and table birds were all secure anyway from feed time & just needed the flaps locking up. The silly turkeys had all settled down for the night in the middle of their paddock. No harm done but it could have been costly. Forgetfulness happened to the best of up I suppose

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