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Dave C

2 more roasts

Well after today's dinner we only have 2 more chickens in the freezer

So will have to be hatching some out in a few months.
The cockerels are not doings bad considering there confinement
And the pullets are still laying 5 eggs a day from 7 hens.


There's plenty of breast meat on those birds Dave.  Your photos show exactly where my LS fall down over purpose bred meat birds.
My pure LS grow to a good weights but compared with yours, the meat is in the wrong place, they have very little breast meat on them.

The LS cocks I've put in the freezer this year have suited me.
I much prefer leg and thigh, Jean only eats breast but does not like a lot of meat so they are just right for us.  

Definitely too good to waste.
Dave C


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