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1st ride for ages

Well we finally managed to get out today , first time for nearly a fortnight. The yard backs onto the forest so we didnt have to do roadwork and one or two of the tracks through the tress were soft enough for a nice long trot. It was bdooly cold and i think my feet have never been colder but what a releif to get them some exercise. I dont know who was smiling more - my friend and me or our neddies!! Love Lizzie

Oooh, Lucky you! We havent been out for 2 weeks now, youngest had a sit on the new pony yesterday and walked her round the field for 1/2 an hour whilst i lunged Holly at walk as it was too hard to do anything else. Am seriously getting withdrawal symptoms now.

Roll on this weekend and according to the weather men the warmer weather.


It's meant to be getting warmer from thursday....fingers crossed!

THEN I have 3 weeks of hard work to get Tia up and running again, sod my knee...I'm off hunting on Boxing Day!

I finish for the Xmas hols a week on Friday, my sis in law is ready to lunge Tia everyday for me, the minute we lose a bit more snow, I'll be riding both Sat and Sun, if theres snow, she will have her hooves greased!

THEN that week before Xmas I am off, will be riding, riding and more riding.....


Captain_Dingbat wrote:

I'm off hunting on Boxing Day!

riding, riding and more riding.....

My thoughts entirely, after spendling last Christmas hols not able to do anything because of the snow, I plan to make up for it this Christmas.

Roll on the warmer weather,


We still havea foot of snow on the ground which is now frozen solid!  

Too icy to go out here   even  the menage is an ice rink.

I have no idea when I will be able to ride again, the snow has not stopped here for two days now, and set to continue tomorrow...lucky you, and horses!!

Hope it all warms up for you very soon    

We have been very lucky with only a couple of inches of snow but everything has frozen solid. It was -12 outside this morning, at least i got the mucking out done quickly!! Still didnt make the neds want to stay in, they were creating to go out as soon as the heard me open the back door, and crunched off down the field quite happily.


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