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1st gun dog

this is my first gun dog ive owned she was so easy to train she does what I want her for shes not 2 yet and think shes taken over training me now

She looks acracker and as female it is a given she has taken over   but great if you can teach each other  

nice dog.
Dave C

Excellent, well done pal.

She looks a very nice working type  

What kind of shooting do you do and how do you work her?


I do ruff rabbit shooting pigeon shooting and hope to get on the geese and duck this year as a lot of my permission is spuds .also do a bit of lamping with the 410 in the pic
Dave C

Excellent mate, you can't beat watching a young dog rough shooting
Sounds like she is doing well for you  

Nice looking bitch , enjoy having her , i think your first is always the best .

A nice lab, looks very tidy indeed. Have fun with her once you start you'll never go back to shooting without the dog. Nothing more satisfying than your dog flushing, you shooting and then your dog retrieving it to you.

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