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I bring this year to notice, recent events .....World Cup...FIFA...say no more...    
Where were you?....How old were you? ...More importantly..What are your memories of 1966 ?

Mine ...I was 18yrs old in the May of that year.....Dare I say a prosperous time....young, free and money in my pocket..

To me, the time of my life...Tailor made suits...Patent Leather boots...
Clothes were reasonably cheap, fashion was the thing of the day..

Weekends on the Continent, eer! beer festivals...or over in Dublin..
( For those who remember, Elmdon Airport now B'ham International, return flight to from Dublin...£12.00 old money...144d... ,and sadly Ive still got a ticket stubb in my sovenier box...  )

Most nights you would find me in clubs of various kinds..Night Clubs ..Folk Cubs...or the local...
Loccarno..Cedar Club, Rainbow, Rum Runner ( Frankie Valli & the Four Seasons , saw them 5 x's in one week    ) could name loads of groups bands and singers...all for five or ten bob entrance fee.....great days...

Very prosperous year, a real good feel factor in our country...friendliness..
could walk 15-20 mile home very late night, if you missed the last night service bus....did that many a time, when I'd overspent....

I've never been a football fan, but remember the real enjoyment that 'Our' team gave to 'Our' nation...reasonably well paid players, who were genuinely playing for 'Their Country' and 'Us'...

1966 - 1976....were the days of my ............

It will be interesting to hear your memories....

I was on a camp site in Italy listening to it over a radio with a group of other Brits , with Germans listening in their group, while we were hitchhiking round Europe in the 6 week sixth form holiday with 3 other girls. Our parents thought we were on a walking tour of Belgium staying in Youth Hostels.   We had a great impromptu party when we won.

Title is 1996?

If you mean 1966 - that's the year both me and Hubbie were born  

Thanks Mrs WW......TYPO ERROR.....


I was twelve and my brother and I were on holiday with mum and dad in Bridport.

I was two so don't remember that much.

The time I've mentioned...with all thats happened over the last 24hrs or so...would it have at least bought back -possibly that good feel factor to ..
'Our Nation' ?....personally I doubt it...!
To much polotics today, and other outside influences....sad...Yeah!...

Heck!...thanks for your replies....look forward to others coments... the real question was the days of your yuff (youth)....66-76 were mine...

Guess what ...still living them.....            

1 in '66 so remember nothing of it!

Not politics DD but money.

...cannot disagree.....

debbie wrote:
I was two so don't remember that much.

I would be nearly two as well and my hubby, who was born in January 1966 was still in nappies! So we dont remember much between us either - but to hear him talk, he was right there at the game!

Simon wasn't born till over a year later but by the sounds of it he was there too

Not even a twinkle in my parent's eye-they were married in September '66! Another 8 years before I came along!
Days of my youth-probably 91-99! How short! 1991 started doing the whole partying thing for a couple of years, on to uni and 5 years of work hard/play hard-yes I did work-we had a full academic year and 9-5 days, plus nights and weekends later on!! Then a year of not much and 6 months travelling in South America, then proper job....married soon after and preggers on honeymoon!! End of youth!

I was twenty, a car mechanic, and football hater, but I remember the hockey team goalie I was going out with, oh boy do I remember!

I wasnt born yet!  

6th form at college had drivers licence and a motor bike BSA   mad into "rock" had after school job, Sat morn job money to live life    
Green Rosie

dtalbot wrote:
1 in '66 so remember nothing of it!


Isn't that "Woodstock" If you remeber it you weren't there ??  

1969 Woodstock  at Max Yasgurs farm  3 days of Peace Music..........

August 1969 working long hours for much needed cash at Eastwoods chicken unit in my Uni hols---Woodstock was a long way away.

I was only 2 so don't remember anything..sorry


1966 We had been married for 18 months and bought our first house.  It cost us £2,620 which seemed like a fortune!  We paid an extra £30 for an immersion heater. It had a 24ft long lounge heated by a coal fire.  By the time we got home from work and lit the fire, waited for it to throw out some warmth it was bed time. We had no television and no stair carpet but were the envy of all our friends because we were very young and had actually managed to start buying a house.

I was 6 but my early years all mingle so not sure of memories specifically from that year. Dad was out of the Navy by then and we'd moved from 'home' to a spanking new bungalow. I remember he had a Morris Minor BRR123.
I suppose my 'youth' started in 1974/5 and one of my strongest memories is the long, hot, dry summer of 1976.

1966 World cup -

I remember being on the beach in Bournemouth listening on a small transistor radio, to the contentious match when the Argentine team walked off. As the match progressed more and more people edged closer and closer till we were sitting in the midst of a crowd, with the volume turned to max.!!

Sheffy, when we married in 1968, we too scraped the deposit together for a new semi detatched - and moved in with no carpets, no T.V., borrowed dining furniture and sofa till we could afford our own. It was the norm then.

Just down the road, in a similar semi, was a first division footballer - how things have changed!!

I was told I had big ideas -------because I had a coffee perculator!!!

I'm envious of anyone whose young these days. Thats apart from the current job situation, the housing market and getting back to the original thread, the crap England football team.

Certainly not evvious of the younger generation.....
Believe me I had the time of my life during the 60's and early 70's......
IOW Bob Dylan....Stones in the Park....

Heckers loike....reguardless of the following years ....would I change a day?
I  FINK  not......
20 - 30 quid a week average wage....Monday morning borrow 2 quid off Ma to see you through the week.....

Beer less than 2bob a pint (10p new money)...
5 bob entrance fee ( most) to local dance, a whole 50p ( 10 bob) to a club.....
Music, Flower Power, Tamla Motown, Blues.......................could go on for ever......

Decide to settle down....well I never quite did    .....until the late seventies...
'Today our Kids, our Sons and Daughters.....
Would I realy like to start out all over............................?

No....reguardless of tecnowledgly, higher earning power, expectations,
mortgage cost....ect .... ect ...ect

Time of my life.................

I bought my Vespa 125cc in 1965(december) i sold it and bought my Vespa 150cc in may 1966, 26!!!mirrors ,15 lights (only 3 wired up!!) chrome front + rear carriers, chrome crash bars , I thought i was the bees knees!!!,  i wanted to ban the bomb , but i did'nt know what it was.  Great days
chicken feed

i was 2 in 66 so cant recall what i was upto

I go with diggindeep Bestest time to be teenager was the 60s n 70s getting married in 1970 didnt stop it all happening still

Oh but wasn't the music brilliant as well!

Sheffy cool man so cool  

68 also bought a second hand Vespa...£12.00....all the usual trimmings adorned it...
Only ever used it once or twice...they were so in demand someone offered me £15 or £16 for it I sold it......
Hey Man, it were another night out cooool.........      

I paid £20 for mine IIRC--- traded it in against a Honda 125--happy days.

Hey! Lottie.....everyone seems to say  " if you were there, you wouldn't remember it".....
Huh!......what a bally loadda bull.....Peace, Flower Power, Mods And Rockers ect.....
Not everone got drugged up....Yes they were there and easy to get hold of.......
But! Big BUT! you didn't have to participate...........

Alcohol was more than enough....the choice were your's and your's alone.......

IOW, Stones in the park and many many others.....well I'm still around to tell me tales...............Boring 'ole Git.......    

Happy days....................Peace..... ...  

Digindeep wrote:
Hey! Lottie.....everyone seems to say  " if you were there, you wouldn't remember it".....

Oh I remember it alright I just hope that people who knew me then don't start reminiscing when my kids and grandkids are about  
I agree about the drugs--not needed when you could get high on the joy of living and doing crazy things.

I agree with you both Digin and Lottie also agree with hope they don't pass it on but it must have been other fella    

Oh I remember it alright I just hope that people who knew me then don't start reminiscing when my kids and grandkids are about  

You haven't seen the colour of my cheeks.......      

Its easier hidden behind this screen............    

O but we do know and just maybe there is a reason why      

debbie wrote:
I was two so don't remember that much.

!976 I was terrorising the locals in Nant Ffrancon.
Happy days.

Just leaving school, just starting college.  Could wear nylons instead of lyle stockings or short white socks.  The mini skirt was coming in, but you couldn't buy tights, so pavement curbs and crossing ones legs caused a problem

The boys had motorbikes or scooters, to which it seemed obligatory to attach a foxes brush to the ariel, The Who - My Generation,  The Kinks - Sunny Afternoon. Safety belts hadn't been invented  and neither had  drink drive laws - if you could walk a straight line you were safe

TV was black and white, freeze dried food so as a change from fresh veg from the garden we could have Surprise Peas or Freeze dried curry.  Mum had just discovered Spaghetti which was served with tomato sauce of some browned onions and a tin of tomatoes   .

World was just on the cusp of change    But so full of promise to a sweet sixteen.

All the best

another wasn't born then.

Best era for me? either 90 to 95 (left the army, gone travelling for a couple of years then uni where I spent 3 drinking, talking rubbish and occasioanlly studying) or the last 5 years (mortgage paid off, lifes ambition to buy a smallholding and be self sufficient almost realised). Been a couple of downers in the last 5 years as well (my dad suddenly dying, mrs M getting cancer). Had a good job for a while (only a contract unfortunately, but was a warden for the NT for a year). Been to college to learn horticulture. I think for me it's the last 5 years that win. And the next 5. And so on.

DBE......and Cadbury's water tatties.....Yuk!......

How the ekers did they become so popular.........hated them....
even today ffforty plus years on realy don't like (real) mash potatoes....

Yes if others want them at family diner parties...I'll do some....ask me to eat themmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm......No CHance....

Still got the two trebble LP'S...George Harrison...All things Must Pass.....
and The origional...Woodstock....various artists..........

Bought both on a friday I got paid.....

You explain to Mom ...why you could not pay Her that w/end....  

£7-8s - 6p......old money.......and I've also still got the origional recieipt...a fact...

Only had me bus fare left for the week ahead......slap around the 'ear'

still got both LP's..........

Hours spent that w/end replaying over and over again ...on my Dansett R/player.....couldn't afford to go out.......

Heck you can't take that away........

Me ear still burns whenever I PLAY THEM.....
Nobody...believe me ....could ever buy them from me.....

As with seeing Frankie Valley/Four Seasons....5 nights on the trott...LP's I bought them all on the door of the night club......  

Time of my Life............

Name more............oooooh yes!..............

The Who opening Billy Walker's Upper Cut Club in Forest Gate, London.

Only 7 in 66 but still remember the footy and waiting for the old man to get home from work so i could sit on his knee whilst he ate his brown bread and treacle before i had to go to bed oh and the smell of roll ups er Golden virginia in a tin if my memory serves me right

In may 66 ,the building trade changed to 4 year apprenticeship, i got £4-15s back pay !!!!!  i was working a 40 hr week and getting 14 hr's o/t, i honestly thought i would never be poor again , i remember getting the notes changed into 10s notes so my wallet looked full !, the one and only time i thought i had a fortune, good days and happy memories.

darkbrowneggs wrote:
Just leaving school, just starting college.  Could wear nylons   The mini skirt was coming in, but you couldn't buy tights, so pavement curbs and crossing ones legs caused a problem
That was no problem, Sue, certainly not for me...  


Other events....and I'm sure others will remember more...

Jan 29th...road traffic act leads to the Breathaliser..

May 28th...Fidel Castro announces martial law in Cuba..

Oct 25th..J. Edgar Hover said " Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone"

Dec 15th..Walt Disney died aged 65yrs..........

Many more epic avents.....

But! did they realy change the world ?.....I'd like to think ..some did...

and wasn't there a Russian space craft launched that year?

I was born in 1966, on 8 july. I was late and after 2 weeks the doctor of a nearby village came to the farm where my parents lived. The villagedoctor said I was dead. He gave my mum some kind of miraclefluid to drink so I would come out. Them he went of for his holiday. During that holiday, I came. I was almost 4 weeks too late. Because I was pronounced dead, my parents didn't bother go to an other villagedoctor or hospital. I was pulled out just like a lamb and after that they suddenly saw me breathing. I was alive.
And I still am.
I can honoustly say that I was pronounced dead.
A miracle, ain't it?

Last year I was in a secondhandshop and found an old flat peace of marble whitch was curved: Malgré tout 8 juli 1966. That's french for: despite of everthing 8 july 1966.
I bought that ofcourse  

And we are so glad you are    That slab was made for you

What a great story, begging....and then the slab.....

also age two seems popular best time despite everything the last 8 years since meeting the wife

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