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115mm Angle Grinder

My trusty little Bosch 4" angle grinder finally gave up yesterday (nrly 30 years old) Im now looking to buy a new one and wondered whats good and whats bad. Im open to any manufacturer so long as its good quality. Im sure i read on one of Gareths post that he prefares a certain manufacturer for his hand tools but i cant seem to find it.
Gareth if your on line could you offer any advise as im sure you must use them almost daily (not that thats not a pop at your welding )

I use Ryobi angle grinders. I have 2 X 115 dia  240 volt corded, I X 115 dia cordless, and 1 X 230 dia 240 volt corded.

All of them are over 3 years old, all constantly used and abused on a daily basis, and apart from one bent guard (now hammered back into shape) due to a fall from the bench onto a concrete floor absolutely no problems.

I often buy from and their delivery and aftersales service is excellent.

We have a Black and Decker 4inch that we used for about 7years cutting and grinding on truck n trailers etc. but now dead  So have a new makita 5inch and old Bosch 4inch. Both the B&D and The Bosch we use 5inch discs on as we bought a pile of them cheap.

I would use a 5" or 125mm angle grinder discs if I could easily get hold of replacements  ..... they are as rare as rocking horse poo around here............. to use them it would only mean swapping out the guards on my Ryobi 115mm grinders (and most other makes).

With my 115 mm dia angle grinders I get through approximately 9 (36 grit) abrasive discs, 2 cutting discs, 1 grinding disc and 1 knotted cup wire brush each week; often more.

Now some years back,( approx 7yrs) I was stuck on a job, working away from home...not many pennies left in my pocket.
Picked up a cheapo less than 15 quid, 2yrs later invested in a diamond cut blade..OH! the expense .....
This year as I started on the new garden, had to invest in two more new diamond blades...such a spend thrift.. ....nearly 12 quid .....

On a more serious note, I've cut dozens of tiles, bricks blocks and slabs since then...First blade/disc still in use...Why did I buy two.....?

De Walt......... can't beat em....and compared to others of quality the price is not bad.

Ryobi it is  
Thanks for replies guys

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