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10 ways vegetarianism can help save the planet

10 ways vegetarianism can help save the planet

interesting article in the guardian

Sid the planet.
Bring on the dead animals. We are omnivores by nature, end off.
Veggies are just decended from the really carp  hunters when we were all Hunter Gatherers.

No animals were consumed during the typing of this post but there's a great hunk of dead pig waiting for the Mash & Pickles.


I'm with Baz on this one!

If we stop eating all the animals, they'll then eat all the veggies & we're all up the creek  

Interesting arguments, but it's a shame that the counter arguments weren't posted.

For instance, some of our most precious landscapes have been shaped and protected because the land is manged for livestock and the particular browsing habits of these animals account for the flora and fauna.

What about the use of the land that is unsuited for growing fruits and vegetables (hill farmers don't have lexpensive ivestock for fun when they could be earning much more on arable and crops).

If we don't eat the animals we'd rear for meat but we do need them for land management, how will we manage the rearing of them - the Vegetarian Society has suggested everything from mass cull to allowing the animals to live to old age.

I am all in favour of have one/two days a week meat free (but frankly that is nothing new - my gran always used to refer to traditional ideas of this sort (monday was roast dinner leftovers, fridays fish) so another lot of mass marketing wasted there.

Also the idea that grain fed to animals should go to the human diet instead - that'll work for coeliacs, wheat intolerant, nut allegy suffers (grain frequent goes through factory's handling nut harvests) - and with modern life (not meat eating diets) causing huge increases in these allergies?

In fact one of my nephews has a huge range of intolerances - for him meat is essential to boost his immune system and provide some of the minerals and vitamins he can't get from a vegetarian diet (his parents were vegetarians and saw the harm it was doing him health wise - now they have both gone back to eating meat as well).

Also the mention of the cesspools - no mention of the fact that huge swathes of the world now produce millions of hecctares of mono-culture crops and arable - using huge amounts of artificial pesticides and nutrients rather than spraying the animal waste on the land as would have been done years ago.

Also most farms in the early 1900's would have been mixed farms, where the cycle of animals and arable/crops to maintain land health which contributed to better water/nutrient retention of the soil).

Well said

Well said Eschra  

We don't eat meat every day but I will not give up eating meat.  That's my opinion, I'm entitled to it and I maintain my right to have it.

I eat at least 300g of meat every day, and will continue to do so.

After reading the following
Drinking too much water
Eat a steak or a chicken and you are effectively consuming the water that the animal has needed to live and grow. Vegetarian author John Robbins calculates it takes 60, 108, 168, and 229 pounds of water to produce one pound of potatoes, wheat, maize and rice respectively. But a pound of beef needs around 9,000 litres – or more than 20,000lbs of water. Equally, it takes nearly 1,000 litres of water to produce one litre of milk.

How are we to understand the high lighted figures, surely a cow does not drink a 1000l. of water to produce 1l. of milk.  

There are, of course "lies, damn lies and statistics", Border!
I think Eschra's  contribution holds far more water!!

sheffy wrote:
There are, of course "lies, damn lies and statistics", Border!
I think Eschra's  contribution holds far more water!!

Couldn't agree more.

I have read that article several times now, and some of the claims are amazing.

The lastest figures show an average yield per cow stood at 7,096 l. in 2009/10, according to DairyCo.  

That would mean to produce 7,096 l. of milk at cow would have to drink a staggering 7million+l. of water a year.  

If the plans for a 8000 cow herd in the Lincolnshire village of Nocton are approved, the herd is expected to produce 250,000l. of milk daily, so times the articles figures with 250,000, looks like they will need their own water reservoir.

One thing that is often omitted from the pro-veg arguments is the fact that much of the rainforest destruction is to grow soya or biofuel rather than raise cattle.

I'm more interested in reducing my soya intake than meat.

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