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1 ton(ish) bag of firewood

Hi there I have one of those big builders bulk sand bags of firewood( 1metre square i think) that I bought for the open fire in our house which now cannot be used as the chimney is inoperable, its all hardwood off-cuts from a carpenters shop NOT LOGS and since I cannot use it thought it was time to offer it to someone that may be able to make some use of it. I paid 45 for the bag so  offers please.

Also I have found a bundle of odd 1x2" batten lengths in the loft which I will throw in with these off-cuts

Collection from Tilbury, Essex.

To the mods: I understand that I am a new user to this site and maybe cheeky for posting this so soon so if this is the case please feel free to remove the advert and let me know.


as one of the mod team I see absolutely no problem with this advert offering for sale by one member something that they are unable to use due to a real and genuine circumstance that is suitable to be purchased and used by other members.

Woo hoo, another Essex boy obtuse forum lol.
I'm just down the road in Barking but haven't managed to sort out my wood burner yet unfortunately.

Hiya,  Nice to meet another Essex boy on here, most people seem to be from miles away lol

Yeah but it makes,for great road trips.
Lots of people to meet and things to do.

Can't get much further away than us  

Can't see any problem selling that on here either  

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