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...see the Bad Shepherds

Last night, Lois & I went to see the Bad Shepherds perform at the Water front here in Norwich.

The Bad Shepherds are a Band fronted by comedian Adrian Edmondson; probably better known to you all as Vivian in the 'Young Ones' and Eddie Hitler in Bottom.

They play Folked up Punk and New Wave covers from the late 70's through to their most modern cover from 85  ...... .... .... Although they sing the correct lyrics the music they play is folk based, which makes a really enjoyable sound.

I managed to capture a video of the whole of their version of Up the Juntion on my camera .... .... I was about 50 or 60 feet away from the stage, and shooting with outstretched arms above my head, so the picture is a little shaky.

It was great to see all of us 40 something, middle aged ex Punks and new romantics Po-going and bouncing to theses covers with a folk music and diddly diddly sound.

Lois & I both highly recommend the Bad Shepherds as live band to go and see.

Click on the image below to see the video that I shot:

More of the Bad Shepherds performances here:

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