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.... ... Re-wax a jacket.

I recently looked at my regularly worn, 12 year old, cheaply bought wax Jacket.

I noticed at the end of last winter that my jacket was beginning to let in a little rainwater, and was no longer as windproof as it use to be, so I decided to re-wax it ready for this coming winter.

First stage was to put it through the washing machine on a 40* degree wash to remove the years of accumulated dirt & grime, and also to remove the old wax covering.

As you can see, the 40* wash worked. However, the melted wax settled on the inside lining of the coat, and it had to be turned inside out, and put through the washing machine again:

This is the wax that I used; genuine Barbour wax @ £6.99 per 250ml tin:

To get a really good covering of wax on the material, the can has to be stood in warm water to make the wax more pliable:

And then the jacket has to be placed over a firm surface so that you can rub the wax in well. I used a kitchen stool:

Then start to apply the wax with a lint free cloth, and rub it in using a small circular motions to really get the wax worked well into the material fibres:

Really work the wax in well, especially around all the; collar, zip, seams, pocket areas, and under the arms:

After you have finished the whole of the jacket, leave it somewhere warm and dry for 2-3 days. this will allow the fibres to take up the wax; yocan see the lighter greenareas where the wax has raelly been soked up by the coats fibres:

Then re-wax the whole jacket for a second time, leave for 2-3 more days, and then gently work a lukewarm jet of air from a hair dryer over all the surfaces to finish it off:

Leave it for a couple of more days before wearing. Your jacket should again be thoroughly; waterproof, windproof and thorn-proof again.

The waxing processes took about an hour each time to do, and I used approx 1/3 of the tin per coating. .... I'll probably finish off the remaining wax in the can by doing my jacket again during the Christmas holidays.

good one Gareth.  ihave a full length Dryazabone to do so some useful tips there for me

I forgot to mention that after a few days, the shiny wet look disappears as the material fibres take up the wax, and the normal, traditional and more subtle Matt waterproof look returns.

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