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... World Food Day!

I've been to the Sutton Trust Community Group and Betty Rushton Community Garden World Food Day event today.  They kindly let me have a table for SBT Rescue again this year and thanks to the generosity of lots of people from Abbey Hulton and the surrounding areas, we've raised 70 for Rescue today!  It rained at first and was very windy but it soon brightened up!  I'm pooped but we've had a lovely time.  Here are some pictures of the day!

Here's me behind my stall!

The Black Dog Molly Morris Dancers

Getting kids of all ages to join in!

A local fella keeps birds of prey and is always happy to bring them to community days so people can come and meet them - beautiful aren't they?

The lovely Mandy who always does our face painting - she does some fabulous fizzogs!  

The staff from our local old folks home had a stall too and they brought some of their residents for an afternoon out!

Martial arts demo!

The Loud Mouthed Women Choir - the two ladies at the end wearing black were two of my tutors at college when I did my NNEB training - it was lovely to see them again and they both love Staffies too!

Didn't catch the name of this dance troupe but they were lots of fun!  Fab costumes!

Got the kids to join in with them as well!

We only know her as 'The Belly Dancing Lady'!

And here's the group's Chairperson Christine getting presented with a thank you present from H&R Florists - lucky girl!

Looks like a good time was had by all and glad you raised a good amount for SBT Rescue    

Well done you and great pics

Looked like a fun day all round and an extra 70 to put in the funds.

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