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... wood-screw info.

Over the last couple of weeks Lois & I have been making our house into our home, and this has and contiues to entailed a considerable amount of DIY, and we have far from finished as over the coming months we will be completely refurbishing the kitchen and replacing the units, doing some landscaping in the garden, building a chicken run for the ark, and making a chicken tractor to move around the garden.

During one particular recent DIY project which took far too long to accomplish, with me at the point of tearing out what little hair I have left, shouting obscenities at everyone and everything, it turned out that most of the problems transpired from the wood-screws that I was using, and so I ended up undertaking a self taught crash course on wood-screws, coach screws, self tappers and and their uses and applications. This is very useful knowledge that will be put to good use in the very near future as I will be making 3 or 4 reclaimed pallet wood island planters for the garden, and with the other proposed projects that we have set ourselves I will be driving in approx. 1200 wood-screws to complete all of these tasks.

My recent woes stem from that good old chestnut metric to imperial conversion, with my experience of an engineer bias towards the millimetre, and my use of wood-screws to the old fashioned SWG and fraction of an inch ..... you know what I mean: No 6 X 3/4, No 10 X 1 & 1/2, No 12 X 2 inches, etc.

After the DIY disaster and many hours of subsequent rework and material replacement to correct the problem, I am firmly in the metrification camp, and will from now on use only metric wood-screws as it will either solve or avert potential future time consumming failures.

Here is a file document that I have compiled from various sources on the net, and I hope that you find this info useful, and do not mess things up as I did.

Click to download file

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