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... the Plantation Garden, Norwich. (picture heavy)

Lois and I found this wonderful 3 acre Garden completely by accident; by clicking on a small icon found on the google map of Norwich. Neither of us knew that it existed, so we viewed the web-site and then cycled over there. Lois and I were both thoroughly enthralled by it's; beauty, conception and execution.

I will not go into the history of the place, but allow you to discover that for yourself by visiting the web-site:
However, I will tell you that the terrace walling is magnificent, being made up of the various interesting pieces of old building stone, bricks, tiles etc. some of which date back to Norman times, and all the other historical periods between then and now.

There are several more photos that I took, to post later but these still require rotating and auto fixing, etc.[/url]

It's an interesting point that is often brought up on Time Team when they say a site has been robbed of its building materials and then you see why it has been "robbed" and what it's been used for.
Yet another old form of recycling comes to the fore. Ref. Pic.1.

Looks a very interesting place Gareth,nice pics

Thats some garden great pics    

Lovely place, whoever put the walls together deserves a medal!! I can really appreciate drystone-wallers work, but those 'arrangements' are something else!

One of out favourite places for afternoon tea Gareth. We went to a fete there last year and got talking to some of the volunteers that keep the gardens looking so lovely. I just love the far terrace its splendid and I always find something new to look at. Thanks for sharing. Love Lizzie

The rest of the photos of the Plantation Garden walls , as promised  .... sorry about the delay folks.

I hope that you like my photos of the Plantation Garden, and especially the pictures of the walls. I just love the way that they have been built from an eclectic mix of materials taken from demolished buildings of all ages from in and around Norwich.

At an entrance fee of only 2 per adult, I can and do highly recommend this place to to enjoy a quiet afternoon away from the hustle and bustle of  this regional city.

Great pictures Gareth and looks like and intersting place to visit  
Grandma Bodger

what a fascinating place to visit thanks for taking us there

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