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'The Spry' The Last Surviving River Severn Trow

Kaz and I saw this rather splendiferous exhibit at the Blist Hill Victorian museum.

Some information on The Spry.

There was a program about these vessels on a very late night channel, a few week back...facinating boats...some great info there Bodger...added a lot to what I'd watched that night....

The Spry

Hi Bodger, cheeky I know, but I don't suppose you might be able to email me a copy of those pictures you posted (SPRY)?

My daughter is doing a project at school about the spry, my great, great (her great, great, great) grandfather was the last captain of that ship. His name was William Hallings.

I was searching the web for information, and came across your post. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.


Hi Howie. I can't see a problem in you posting and pasting my pictures. You're welcome to them. If there's any problem, I'll get Kaz to send them to you. Let me know.
A warm welcome to OTG too.

welcome to the forum Howie

Hi Howie and welcome from here too

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