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"Pet" caskets...

Wasn't sure where to post as useual but related to "In Loving Memory" post...

I've been looking for "Pet" caskets the past few days to hold my animals ashes, Zac, Angharad,Warren, Miffy & Openday.
For when I have to eventually collect them from coventry...

Zac before he sadly died (my cat more like a dog!) had to have an operation at the vets and unfortunatly they had to remove 3 of his teeth to investigate his condition at the time
I asked for his teeth back...

Richie being the backbone and firm pillar of my world helped me to get one of my "Zac's" teeth mounted for me by a jeweler here in Swansea.

A top class jewllery repair place 110% proffessional and based in the Market!!!

I'd been told back in "Cov" it was an impossible task!!!
The lady rang me twice to confirm "Ideas" for a setting for Zac's toothy peg, I recived this back hand made of solid silver for 28 (not the 100's I was quoted in coventry!!!)

I've found a few "Pet" memorial websites and TBH "MDF" caskets priced at 100 squids plus are really NOT appeling to me! Anyone got some spare time and wood or willow to make a tresured "Box" or Urn for me?


Richie had better start worrying if you get interested in taxidermy.

bodger wrote:
Richie had better start worrying if you get interested in taxidermy.

.... erm we're both "into" taxidermy already lol! (got a good collection of skull's on the go at the moment have'nt found any decent roadkill yet... to stuff!)  :evil9:

Don't let her drive Rich.  

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