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1 Roll Insulation Offer

NPower in conjunction with Build Centre are currently running a "1 a roll" insulation offer.

Rolls in thicknesses of 100mm and 170mm so you can insulate to 270mm from scratch or top up an existing 100mm layer.

Free delivery, gloves & masks as well.

I have ordered a load. You may have some difficulty with the links etc - it is best to copy and paste the link to your browser.
get a quote and there is a link to order but I had to persevere a few times to get it to work. eg back try again .back try again etc

Thanks for the info welshboy,  I have just rung my local Build Centre and ordered mine,just need to find some cheap heating oil now.
mrs tiggywinkle

We were lucky enough to have free roof insulation a couple of years ago and cavity wall insulation.... Nothing to do with age!!!!!...just a Welsh Assembly scheme I think it was.

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