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Members Introduction
Your first stop to introduce yourself and for others to welcome you.
By your hand
Dig in Deep
Growing your own vegetables, fruit and herbs under glass or out in the open.
The Flowerpot
This is the plot for non-edible stuff -flowers, trees, lawns etc.
Crafts and Country Skills
Crafts and skills at home and in the great outdoors. Tell us about what you do or want to do.
All Things Mechanical
Keeping your cars and machinery going. Computers can be discussed as well.
Your Best Friends
In the Saddle
General horse chat. The place to discuss horsey matters and share your achievements with others.
Tell us all about your working and pet dogs.
Other pets
Discuss other pets here.
Gone but not Forgotten
Remembering your lost animal friends. Share your memories of your dogs and horses.
The Field
Hunting with dogs, ferrets and hawks etc.
For the pot and competition, including archery
Fish - course, game and sea fishing. Techniques and tackle.
The Feather Room
All about chickens, ducks, geese and other poultry. Pass on your experiences or ask for advice.
The OTG Poultry Gallery
A gallery of OTG members poultry pictures.
On the Smallholding
The running, planning and everyday work of land and large livestock. A good place for novices.
The Beehive
All things to do with bees and honey.
Out in the Countryside
Wildlife matters. Tell us what you have seen whilst out and about.
Pest Control
In the garden, home and field. If you have a problem we'll try to solve it.
Useful information and resources
Picture Gallery
A place for photographs and art work.
For questions, tips & answers about photography
I've been to...
Reports on interesting places that you have visited
How to.....
A quick reference to beginners guides or just ask 'how to'.
What's On
Enter important dates and events here and make plans for OTG meets.
Members Websites, Skills Register and Useful Sites
This feature is for active members of the Over the Gate forum.
In the Kitchen
Around the Kitchen Table
Friendly cookery chat, a bit of everything, questions & answers.
Food Heroes
We want to hear about your local food heroes! What do they do? What do they produce?
Share your favourite recipes here or ask if you need one.
The OTG Recipe Book
Links to the recipes on Over the Gate. A quick way to find your favourite.
Formerly known as The Drinkers Club, now combined with all forms of homebrewing.
Over the Gate
A venue for friendly chat
It describes itself
How's Business?
How is your business doing? Discuss the ups & downs of being self-employed, making a living or earning that extra little bit of cash.
Making Ends Meet
Surviving the current economic situation. Your tips on how to make ends meet. Have you made or adapted something rather than bought it? Tell us about it.
Back in My Day.......
Reminiscences over the gate......
No Footprints
Eating ethically and living in a sustainable and responsible manner
The Reading and Writing Club
Member's jottings and writing. Read a good book recently? Book reviews would go well here too.
The Trading Post
Buying and selling to fellow members
Jokes, Quizzes and Games
Enjoy the joke thread and join in with the quizzes and internet games here.
Health and Fitness
Health Matters
A place for OTG members to discuss health matters.
The Fitness Club
This is a private Fitness Club open to members who have made 25 posts and have a genuine interest in getting fit and watching their weight. Entry to the club can be gained by PMing Kaz.
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